Corporate Background
Brain International was incorporated in August 1983 as an executive search firm to develop better environment for those people who are serious to create their own better life.
Brain International has established a strong network in high technology industries to find excellent people in engineering, technical support, sales, marketing, finance/accounting and personnel divisions from junior to senior level of management. For the past over 20 years, Brain International has been
successful to find and introduce outstanding management people from middle to top level of management position to meet clients fspecification for their success in the business in Japan.
Brain International would not ask clients to pay retainer fee to find and introduce candidates, so that clients will be able to save the cost in the process of recruiting.

Clients need only to pay, as a total, 30% of base annual salary as a commission fee if clients decide to employ and candidates accept the offer from the client.

Brain International works with the following market of industries;

Computer Software & Hardware (from PC to Super Computers)
LAN, RDB, Computer Peripherals
Semiconductors (Memory, MPU, Analog/Digital,ASIC / FPGA)
Telecommunications & Control Equipment
Automative Industries
Medical Equipment